Mobile Video Apps

For TVs, Tablets and All Mobile Devices

Create your own flexible, expandable video streaming apps according to your specified requirements with a variety of in/out options, strong effects, outstanding video and sound quality, waveform editing and copy & paste options. Read More >

Security/Digital Rights Management

Offer content without jeopardizing copyright integrity

Alyo’s encrypted HTML5 based adaptive streaming with MPEG-DASH native in your browser without plugins. Multiple DRM systems, e.g., PlayReady and Widevine can be used in parallel through MPEG Common Encryption (MPEG-CENC). Google Chrome is currently removing Silverlight, so PlayReady will not be supported anymore. Alyo provides a solution with MPEG-CENC your content will be encrypted once and can be used with different DRM systems in parallel. Learn More >


Secure, adaptive streaming

Alyo enables MPEG-DASH HTML5 adaptive streaming in your browser without plugins like Flash or Silverlight.  Play 4K resolution, support 60fps, and never skip a beat. Native integration with the browser means faster video start, standards-based encryption support and superior performance. Read More >